Monarch Award

The Monarch Award: Illinois’ K-3 Children's Choice Award is presented annually to the author and/or illustrator of the book voted as their favorite by students in Kindergarten through Grade Three in participating Illinois schools or public libraries. The Monarch is sponsored by the Illinois School Library Media Association.

The name Monarch was chosen:

  • to embody the emergence of children as they move from non-readers to independent readers.
  • to symbolize the growth, change, and freedom that becoming a reader imparts.
  • to connect to K-3 children’s familiarity with the Monarch Butterfly, Illinois ’ state insect.

The purposes of the Monarch Award are:

  • to encourage children and adults to read children’s books for personal enjoyment.
  • to help children become familiar with books, authors and illustrators.
  • to encourage children to read critically.
  • to develop a statewide awareness of outstanding literature for children.
  • to promote cooperation among agencies providing educational and library service to children.


To view the 2017 Award Master List, please click here.