How do I get a library card?
Every student and staff member is assigned a patron barcode, which makes up the library card. All library cards are kept in the LRC.

How do I borrow books?
The circulation desk is located in the LRC. The staff is always ready to help you check out books. Every student has one scheduled library time each week, which provides the opportunity to check out and return materials. In addition, with a teacher’s permission, a student may come down during the day if he or she wants to return books and make new selections.

What are my responsibilities when I check out materials?
When you check out materials from the Elementary School LRC, you make an agreement to return those materials on time. You also agree to take care of library materials so that they return in good shape for the next user. The staff understands that accidents happen and are always willing to work with you in case materials are late or in some way damaged.

What should I do if I think I have lost a book?
First, come and tell us right away. It is possible that the book has already been returned. Next, clean out your desk or check in your classroom (many teachers have classroom shelves of books.) This is where most lost books are found. Look under your bed, behind the couch, and in your family's car. These are the next most common places that lost books are found. If you still can't find the book after doing all the above things, then you will have to pay for it. Come to the LRC and ask us what the replacement cost will be. You will have to pay for the lost item before you will be allowed to check out anything else from the LRC. Checks may be made out to “ Pleasantdale Elementary School ”. If you find the lost book before the current school year is over after having paid for it, bring it in to us and you will receive a full refund.

Where do I return materials?
You should return books to the brown return cart. Please check books to make sure you have not left anything important inside. You would be surprised at the things we have discovered inside returned books!

How do I find books?
The greatest resource for locating books in the LRC is the staff. Please feel free to ask questions. Helping you find information is a primary part of our job. The staff can also help you use the online catalog in the LRC. Second, third, and fourth grade students receive library instruction about using the online catalog. The online catalog is an excellent resource for locating materials.

What if a book is not on the shelf?
If a book is not on the shelf, check with the staff. They can tell you if the book has been checked out or is missing. If the book is checked out, a hold can be placed. When the book comes in, you will be notified.

Can I check out videos or DVDs?
Audio-visual materials, including videos, are available for teacher check-out only.

What about fines?

The LRC does not collect fines for late books. Fines are collected for lost or damaged books only. Please let Mrs. Steinmetz know if a book has been lost or damaged. Checks are made out to Pleasantdale Elementary School.