Happy Birthday from the Pleasantdale PTA Birthday Book Club! To celebrate your birthday this year, we invite you to join the Birthday Book Club.

Joining is simple. A form will be sent to you a month before your birthday. Just send in a monetary donation toward the purchase of a book. Fill out the form and send it to school with your donation (cash or check payable to Pleasantdale Elementary School). Your child will then come into the library and choose the book they would like to donate by picking it from our Wishlist. Any donation amount is gratefully accepted and has no factor in which book your child may choose.

We have decided to eliminate library book donations because it allows us to:

• Purchase library bound books for durability
• Avoid title duplication
• Select new or classic books that have been favorably reviewed
• Select books that support students' recreational interests and needs
• Select books that support the curriculum
• Select books that are popular with students and have age appropriate content

To commemorate your child’s birthday, a Birthday Book Club sticker, with your child’s name and the year will be placed in the book your child has chosen. When the book arrives, your child will be the first person to check it out from the library. Also, your child will have their name and birthday displayed on the school bulletin board. Please be sure to have a look at our Birthday Club bulletin board when you are in the school!

We are delighted with this program because it has increased the number of books in our library and it provides a reading incentive for all our children. Participation in the Birthday Book Club is strictly voluntary.

Thank you in advance for your support! If you have any questions, please contact  Sonia Dombkowski, Pleasantdale PTA Birthday Book Club Chairperson, at 630-654-9545 or Ms. Smith at 708-246-2771.