We are proud and excited to announce the 2010 Pleasantdale Spelling Bee!
  • Who will participate?
    Every student from grades 1-4 will participate. 
  • Which words will be used?
  • What if I lose my list?
    Download another from the links above.
  • Is there more than one competition?
    • Yes, there will be two.  The first competition, called a “Spelldown, will be the qualification round.  Each classroom will have a competition and determine the top two spellers in class.  The second competition will be the actual “Spelling Bee” where the top two winners from each classroom will compete against the other winners at their grade level. 
    • The classroom “Spelldown” competitions will be completed by April 16.
    • The Pleasantdale Spelling Bee for 1st and 2nd grades will be held on April 29th.
    • The 3rd and 4th grade Pleasantdale Spelling Bees will be held on April 30th.  Families will soon receive more details about exact times and locations.
  • Are there awards?
    Spelling Bee winners and runner-ups from each grade level will receive beautiful medallions.  In addition, Spelling Bee winners will have their names engraved on a school plaque located in the main hallway.
  • Who do we contact with questions?
    There are four staff representatives.  Mrs. Vidakovich is the teacher representative for grades 1-2 and Mrs. Borse is the representative for grades 3-4.  Mrs. Lucas and Mr. Vandercar are also available to answer any questions.