Special Services at Pleasantdale

District 107 provides a continuum of special education programs and related services within and outside the general education setting to meet the unique learning needs of our students. Placement in separate special education classes is considered only when the services needed by the student to meet his/her goals cannot be adequately implemented within the general education classroom.

If a student requires more specialized instruction and programming not available within the school district, District 107 is committed to seeking other appropriate placement options outside ofthe school district. This includes both public and private facilities.

The Pleasantdale 107 Support Programs guide offers a thorough description of the services available.

Pleasantdale is proud to be a member of LADSE, the LaGrange Area Department of Special Education, a cooperative located in LaGrange Illinois serving 17 member school districts in west Cook and east DuPage Counties.

The Illinois State Board of Education Special Education Services site offers information for parents on topics including early childhood special education, Project CHOICES, parent training, and links to the document A Parent's Guide - The Educational Rights of Students with Disabilities in English and Spanish.

Our Programs and Staff:
  • English Language Learners
    The purpose of our ELL program is to support the students' English language skills in the areas of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  Visit our ELL page for additional information and useful resources.
  • Speech/Language Services
    Our two therapists facilitate speech and language development in the pre-school Bright Beginnings program through co-planned classroom lessons and activities. They also provide speech/language services for K-4 students identified with needs in the areas of articulation, voice, language, or fluency. Services are provided in a variety of ways including classroom based services and in the speech room as needed.
  • Contact Us
    Please feel free to call or e-mail Joanne Histed or Colleen Slattery with any questions you may have about your child’s speech-language skills or our program here at Pleasantdale Elementary School.

    Ms. Histed can be reached at (708) 246-2828, jhisted@d107.org.    

    Ms. Slattery can be reached at (708) 246-2836, cslattery@d107.org.
Resource Services
  • Denise SpetterDenise Spetter
    Denise Spetter has been teaching at Pleasantdale Elementary and Middle Schools since 1988 as a special education teacher. She has received a bachelor’s degree in Special Education at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb Illinois. Her endorsement is in learning disabilities and educable mentally handicapped children.  She is certificated as a Highly Qualified teacher. She has taken courses in Direct Instruction, Intensive Phonics, Orton-Gillingham, Differentiation, and Math Their Way.  She supports students in the classroom co-teaching and small groups.  I to strive inspire my students to be the best they can be. She and her husband have three children, a Lhasapoo named Cooper, and lives in a nearby suburb.

    Denise Spetter




  • Karyn LisowskiKaryn Lisowski
    Karyn Lisowski has been teaching since 1985 but has been at Pleasantdale since 2010.  Prior to coming to Pleasantdale she taught for 13 years at Mannheim School District 83 as a special education resource teacher.  She took some time off from teaching to raise her two children and has returned to the field she loves. . . teaching.  She doubled majored at Eastern Illinois University in Special Education and Elementary Education in 1985. She received her master's degree from National Louis University in Early Childhood Education.  She is certified as a Highly Qualified teacher. She has been trained in Orton-Gillinham, Reading Mastery, and Language for Learning.   She also works part time with the Center for Gifted through Northern University as a co-director for the Burr Ridge site.

    She lives in Willow Springs with her husband Tom and two children. 

    Karyn Lisowski



  • Kevin KrillicKevin Krillic
    Introduction coming soon!


    Kevin Krillic


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