Welcome to the 4th grade Band and Orchestra!!!
At Pleasantdale Elementary School fourth grade students are encouraged to choose and play an instrument of their choice. In the beginning of the school year, the students are presented with the instruments that they are to choose from. These instruments are the flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, baritone, tuba, violin, viola, cello and percussion. The children are asked to pick three instruments that they would like to try. In the process of trying these three instruments, Mr. Woltman and the student decides as to which instrument fits the student the best. The student should not only like the look of the instrument but also the sound in which it creates. Sometimes, physical features of the student also narrow done the students instrument of choice.
  • What is the Commitment?
    Students will meet once a week in the morning at 8:15 for sectional lessons. These lessons are scheduled by instrument type. Starting in January, after school band and orchestra rehearsals begin. There is a afterschool bus for those families that would like to take advantage of the school bus service.
  • Practicing
    Practicing is an essential part of learning any skill! Playing an instrument has a lot to do with muscle memory and daily repetition of the correct technique will guarantee the students success. The first few weeks the student are asked to only practice 5-10 minutes a day. This is because they don’t have more than 5-10 of material to practice. As the months go on students will be practicing 30 minutes and more a day.

    The Four Steps of Successful Practice:
    1.)    Count and Clap the rhythm of the song.
    2.)    Say letter names in rhythm and tap your foot.
    3.)    Finger/slide along, say letter name in rhythm and tap your foot.
    4.)    Play it and tap your foot!
  • Performing
    The fourth grade band and orchestra will perform two times. One performance is scheduled in February and the other is scheduled in May.

    In order for students to perform a song on the concert, each song will need to be “passed off” by the director. Directors are available to pass off songs during recess time and sometimes on available morning times. For the band students, they must perform The Four Steps of Successful Practice successfully in order to pass off a song.
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